Power Belonging Freedom Fun

Power Freedom

In the rooms, we try to ensure that our school is as safe as possible for students. Morning supervision begins the 08 30 encourage parents not to let students, prior to this time because he has no control. After school, we have no influence. Remain unattended or not covered by the 02 45 students are invited to wait in the Office until this that picked. Students of all levels are invited to the gym for the game of hockey every Friday morning to 08. 15 Please do not stand in or near the place for the disabled, because they are blocked access for emergency vehicles. We were stuck in the drive. There's plenty of parking for Atkins as an alternative. Thank you very much. Please keep leaving the savory of policy or to pick up their students. This reduces the interruption for the duration of power belonging freedom fun the statement. Breakfast salty is a drop in the program where students a toast, juices and fruit are offered. In the kitchen are open to 08. 15-40 students must enter the metro station outside the main entrance 08. Please contact each Friday for a cup of coffee! On the registration form are available. Just as a reminder, there is no authorized at all times dogs campus. I thank very you much for your cooperation. .