Freedom Power Carver

Power Freedom

Founded in 1922, the leading manufacturer of power tools, flexible shaft Rotary World maintains Foredom Electric Co. of Bethel, CT, continuous production processes in Connecticut since 1955 Foredom. Logo of the flexible shaft, specialized machinery, engines, parts and accessories, accessories, tools, intended for Foredom, standards of quality, strength and performance. Foredom Flex lock by Jewelers benches axes experts worldwide. Known is its use in the manufacture of jewelry, Foredom Flex shaft and other products including compact desktop towers, micro motors and Woods often used shop laboratory technicians, restorers, wood carvers, artisans and enthusiasts of machine operator, manufacturer custom, dental. Perhaps you are surprised that used scientific instruments, the leader in technology, aerospace and other high-tech companies and institutions Foredom. Foredom tools are manufactured to industry standards and expected operation, a report to customers who take over the decades many years happy. Quality, versatility, reliability and availability features, freedom power carver an ideal choice for grinding, deburring, cutting it, polishing, cleaning, and polishing on virtually all materials by Foredom do. .